Flow Silhouette 2016 lumilauta

Flow Silhouette 2016 lumilauta

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299,90 €
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Designed to assist the entry-level rider by giving more confidence in a simple and easy ride to help take you to the next level. The Hybrid Rocker profile is flat between the feet for balance and ease of use and rocker on the tip and tail for great control and no hang-ups. This Tru-Twin shape is sure to create memories worth talking about and keep you coming back again and again.

• Flat-Rock Rocker
• Tru-Twin
• Tru-Flex Core
• Biaxial Glass
• 3-DT Sidecut
• Optix 2000 Base
• Flex Rating: 2 (1 = softest/forgiving and 10 = stiffest/responsive in the Flow line)

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