Heather Grey

Heather Grey

  • Heather Grey
  • Dusky Pink
  • Lavender
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Lemon
  • Pastel Mint
  • Pastel Pink
22,00 €

Appertiff Hightop beanie is a tall classic hat that we started with already in 2006. Many have tried to mimic the Appertiff Hightop, but we think this is the absolute original! Appertiff Hightop is today available in 17 different happy colors, to match the right color of the clothes you wear for the day. It is the perfect accessory where you have many color options for a day on the snowboard or on the streets of the city. The Hightop beanie is made of 100% acrylic for a long-lasting and anti-pilling fit. Appertiff Hightop works equally well folded as unfolded, and the motif on the patch is designed to appear in both ways. When wearing an Appertiff Hightop cap, you represent what we stand for and shares its message about a more colorful and more familiar world.